Couple, one on NSESA, other on legacy ESA- income-related ESA entitlement?

Cl and his wife are both in receipt of contribution-based ESA with the support component. Cl is on New Style, claimed last year, his wife has been on cbESA for around 10 years. They are both in receipt of PIP, SR DL and ER mobility. No one claims CA in respect of them, and they have established underlying entitlement to CA. They live alone in a property owned outright with £15k in savings.
Am I correct in thinking that cl’s wife could ask ESA to assess entitlement to income-related ESA? With the SDP at the couple rate and two Carer’s premiums, they would have entitlement, even with the savings. There is no entitlement to UC on this income, so they have nothing to lose by trying, but would like to know for certain whether she is entitled to income-related ESA.


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