Couple of interesting housing cases

Both involving commercial properties but of possible relevance/interest – summarised on nearly legal website –

TFS Stores Ltd v The Designer Retail Outlet Centres (Mansfield) General Partner Ltd & Ors (2020) EWCA Civ 833 (02 July 2020) –

Another Court of Appeal challenge to the PD 51Z stay (and, by extension, the CPR 55.29 stay) this time brought to you courtesy of a chain of perfume shops. The question this time was twofold. Was a counterclaim a part 55 possession claim? And did a stay of a possession counterclaim stay an appeal of the original claim?

Yes and yes

Sangha v Amicus Finance Plc (2020) EWHC 1074 (Ch) –

Getting late legal advice not a ground for set aside of possession order

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