Client refused LHA as the property is not registered for council tax

I have directed the client to Shelter and the council homeless team as if the matter is not resolved then, long term, he will be homeless but wonder if anyone had any experience of a similar situation and how they resolved it, if they did.  I cannot take this on as casework as client is moving to an area outside my remit and the CA there is not taking calls due to shortage of staff. 

Client has signed a six month fixed tenancy on a granny flat attached to the landlord’s house. It has separate entrance and facilities but has never been registered for CT purposes. Client paid his deposit and first months rent and moves in tomorrow but has now been told he is not eligible for LHA as the property is not banded for CT and he will not be eligible until it is.
He has called the Council tax team, and they have told him there is a long wait before the property can be banded and registered.

This leaves him in no-man’s land and as his only income is SRP, he has already struggled to pay the one month in advance plus a £1000 deposit. He will be near destitute this month, and unable to pay his rent going forward which will ultimately lead to him losing his home.

I have told him to read his tenancy agreement and have it ready when he contacts Shelter and I’m hopeful him contacting the homeless team might result in some joined-up thinking and help despite him not being within the 56 day period but as he got short shrift from the benefits department, it’s a long shot.

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