Client on ESA with SDP needs to claim housing costs. Query about transitional payments

First time dealing with this since the SDP UC block was lifted so just want to check as feel I am missing something –

Client on ESA and PIP only. Just applied for Carers Allowance today. Client lives with, and cares for her brother who gets PIP. He apparently can’t claim means tested benefits as has a big work pension (client wouldn’t tell me how much). So looking at client making a claim for council tax support and housing costs (rent is £75 p/w) for their joint tenancy.


Her current ESA –

Personal allowance £74.35
Client support component £39.20
Enhanced disability premium £17.10
Severe disability premium £66.95
Carer premium £37.50
Total applicable amount £235.10

Minus Carers Allowance of £67.25
Total ESA £167.85 per week

+ £67.25 Carer Allowance.

Total benefit entitlement = £231.10 per week


Prospective monthly UC –

Standard allowance £409.89
Housing £325.00
Disability or health condition £341.92
SDP transitional element £120
Total before adjustments £1196.81

Minus Carers Allowance of £291.41
Total UC £905.40 per month (£276.19 per week)

+ £67.25 Carers Allowance.

Total benefit entitlement = £343.44 per week.


Entitledto calculator doesn’t seem to show SDP elements so I manually included the £120 in.

So she is better off by £112.34 per week until April then £92.34 when the £20 increase in UC goes away.

Is the above correct? Obviously she hasn’t got Carers Allowance yet so this will need to be adjusted in her UC when awarded and may cause an overpayment so will tell her not to spend the 3 month backdated amount of CA. This is complicating things further.

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