Client discharged from remand (innocent) after 7 weeks, lost ESA, advised to claim UC – help!

Hi, I saw a client at a drop in who advised me that he was formerly on IR-ESA.  He could not tell me which group he was in but has ongoing physical and mental health issues and I suspect he was in SG based on what he could recall of his income.  He was/is not in receipt of PIP.  He was arrested on 1/4/21 and placed on remand.  On 28/5/2021 he was discharged from remand and found innocent.  His benefits had stopped whilst he was on remand and he was then advised by DWP to claim UC.  My understanding was that benefits are only suspended pending an outcome and if no sentence is imposed/conviction quashed, your previous benefit should be reinstated and any arrears paid. 

Given that my client has received 2 payments of UC (which is half of what his previous benefit income was), do any of you wise people have any ideas on his options?  Many thanks,  Tasha, LCA.

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