clarification post June 2021 EEA family members

Just seeking clarification on the situation post June, on the right to claim benefits for family members of an EEA national who now has settled status

Am I right in thinking that if person A has settled status, and person B (who is a family member) has pre-settled status, then person B may still be eligible for means tested benefits if person A already had acquired a permanent right to reside, or was/is a worker or any other category of qualified person?

My thoughts are that a family member cannot have rights based on the settled status per se (as could have got this by living in UK but not here as a qualified person) but that time that person A spent as a qualified person pre Dec 2020, or even currently can still assist person B – is that correct?

family members is an area that seems to be messy. If person B is relying on A’s status, how long does this last? is this until person B is eligible for settled status in their own right? (providing person A has permanent right to reside, or is still a worker during that period?) or have I totally misunderstood the situation?

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