Child Responsibility Element and qualifying young person

Hello. Cl was in receipt in last school year of CHB and Child Responsibility element in UC for son doing Level 2 joinery course (ie FT non-advanced education). He became 19 in April 20. He was accepted to return to college in autumn for the level 3 course.  He took full time work over the summer and cl told Child Benefit and ended the CHB claim. She also told UC and the CRE was removed from UC. Son returned to college in Sept. CHB has been reinstated and backdated, but CRE has not. Cl has not challenged this decision. Son is now not on the level 3 joinery course but instead on another level 2 course in furniture-making.
Son is a QYP for child benefit (CPAG, p580). As regards UC CRE; CPAG (p62) states that a 19 year old must have started on (or been accepted or enrolled on) the education or training before reaching 19 in order to count as a qualifying young person.
Thoughts welcome!

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