Case studies showing claimants’ financial vulnerabilities needed for Serious Case Panel

Hi all – we’ve been asked via stakeholder forum to provide anonymous case studies for the Serious Case Panel to consider in order to –

expand our understanding of the financial circumstances that make customers vulnerable, to support internal learning, decision-making and change design

They have asked for information on the following –

External debts
• What kinds of external (non-government) debt do DWP customers tend to have?
• How prevalent is external debt for DWP customers?
• Do vulnerable customers tend to have the same types of non-government debts? Or is there a difference?
• How do interactions between DWP debt (e.g. advances, deductions) and external debts and perceptions of these debts drive customer behaviours? e.g. Which debts do customers see as high priority?

Signposting support
• DWP often signposts customers to debt and financial management support provided by partner organisations. How do partner organisations perceive this role acting as part of DWP’s signposting offering to customers?
• How do partner organisations tend to support customers where there are complex/multiple debts to collect or manage?

Best practice
• What in your experience is the most effective approach for DWP to support customers with financial vulnerabilities? Do you have examples of best practice you could share?

There is a template attached which you can use to input the information if helpful.

If anyone has any case studies to submit can you email them to me either at rightsnet or using daphne at nawra dot org dot uk – please send by 17 June so I have time to collate them and send them in by end June

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