Carer’s Allowance v Bereavement Benefit

My client was receiving Carer’s Allowance in respect of her husband who has now passed away.  I know that she will be entitled to an 8 week run on but she has now claimed Bereavement Allowance which is an over lapping benefit (she has also claimed Universal Credit).
I think that as Carer’s Allowance is the higher of the 2 benefits, she will receive that plus the Carer’s premium on her UC but I am not sure what will happen with her Bereavement Allowance claim.  Is it held open and then put into payment automatically when the Carer’s Allowance run on ends ,or will she need to reclaim?

Also if she chose to receive Bereavement Allowance would she be considered to have an underlying entitlement to Carer’s and therefore get the Carer’s premium with her UC?

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