Capital and assesment periods

Dear All,

We have a client who is in receipt UC. 

He is 55 and has a private pension fund that he can now access, and he wants to take a lump sum from the pension fund to pay for repairs to his house.  It appears that the lump sum could be over £16k, I think this will depend on the option client takes i.e. what percentage.

Unless the repairs are essential, then the capital cannot be disregarded but if it is then accepted that, after he spends the capital on repairs, it is not deprivation how does that impact on the UC claim?

If, say, the client gets £20k in middle of August, then he would lose UC from the start of that AP, but then he spends it and gets the repairs carried out, and in September, makes a new claim – and DM accept no deprivation and pay the claim. Would they revise decision to end or no? As even though accept no longer has the capital, it was actual capital in August?

As ever thanks in advance

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