Call for people who have suffered universal credit problems due to digitilisation

I am Joanna Bates, part of a team from the Just Algorithms Action Group (JAAG searching for credible claimants who have suffered inaction or injustice due to the shortcomings of the UC system. We are involved in highlighting the inadequacies and injustices of UC and the unregulated and indiscriminate algorithms responsible – in order to take them to judicial review and change the system for the better.

The people we are looking for will have experience of at least one of these problems claiming Universal Credit:

1. Lack of secure, affordable access to the internet and/or lack of digital skills to access and use the UC system, or restricted smart phone access only.

2. A swing in calendar monthly payments from UC because the claimant’s employer pays wages weekly, 2-weekly or 4-weekly.

3.Six or more weeks delays to appeal conversation appointment.

4. Penalties as a result of failures across DWP, HMRC and employers.

If you think you might be able to help please email jbates at icloud dot com with ‘Universal credit – judicial review’ in the subject bar.

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