Calculating student loan income

One year course running from 13/09/2021 to 27/05/2021.
Claimed UC 06/10/2021 unfortunately.
How many APs are there for the purposes of calculating the loan income in each AP?

Do we just count APs from the start of the claim to the long vacation/end of course (i.e. 7), or do we include a nominal AP that would have started 06/09/2021 (total 8 APs)? Seems remarkably unfair to squeeze the whole loan into however many APs happen to be left from the date of claim (although I am not suggesting fairness is an intrinsic part of the UC system).

Loan is £6,801 (there is an additional £4,014 special support grant which should be disregarded).
I calculated income as £740.13 per month (£6,801/8 – £110).
UC have calculated it as £1,121.71

Am I doing something wrong? Can anybody see where £1,121.71 could possibly come from?
Obviously we’re putting in an MR request, but it would be nice if I could be confident not just that UC are wrong, but also what the correct answer is.

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