benefit cap for client on HB and UC

Hi All

Would welcome views on this.
Doing a benefit calc for a client in TA. Currently gets ESA, CTC, CB and HB. Is subject to the benefit cap
Has just started working earning £175 per week for 12.5 hours, so ESA no longer payable.
Earnings now make her exempt from the benefit cap for UC purposes but she also needs HB as in TA. CPAG suggests cap does not apply to HB if claimant entitled to WTC. She is not.
My gut feeling is that, if client is exempt from ben cap due to earnings and is in receipt of UC, the same should apply to HB and the online calculation I have done supports this.
I just can’t find anything in writing to support this! Guidance I have found relates to the benefit cap in respect of UC or HB rather than HB and UC.

Many thanks in advance

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