Is it possible to get appointeeship revoked, so it is as if it was never granted?
A client has severe mental health problems.  His mother is his appointee for PIP.  He was sectioned and the hospital applied for and was granted appointeeship for UC.
The DWP’s guidance says that there can only be one appointee for all DWP benefits.  They have not followed any of their procedures for investigating where an application for appointeeship is made, but there is already an appointee in place, and they have not revoked his mother’s appointeeship.
The hospital applied for UC on my client’s behalf.  At that point he had a live but dormant ESA claim (he was held on remand for a few days before being transferred to hospital).  The person who applied on his behalf has never met him.  Did not know basic information such as the fact that he had a tenancy, even though the hospital was aware, so did not put down any housing costs.  Did not know that he had a live and in payment HB claim, so now there is a £2500 overpayment.  Did not know that his mother was his appointee, and did not inform his family that they had appointeeship.  Has not got the LCWRA element added to his basic UC allowance, which he would have been entitled to from the start of his claim as he was in the support group for ESA (now 10 months since claim).
Is there any precedent for revoking appointeeship so that the UC claim becomes invalid and he can return to legacy benefits?

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