appeal or not?

“Employment Minister Mims Davies has confirmed that the government is to issue a Remedial Order extending entitlement to widowed parent’s allowance and bereavement support payment to cohabiting couples with children” July 2020

Hi, I have a case of a bereaved unmarried lady who has children, and was cohabiting for many years prior to partners death. We made a claim for bereavement support (which was refused) and registered M recon (as advised on CPAG test case page) In July, the minister announced that a remedial order would be issued but nothing has happened yet to my knowledge. Recon decision still no award.  Is it best still to lodge an appeal, or do people think this is unnecessary given the situation is be rectified (sometime in the dim and distant future….), and will there be yet another ‘trawl’ to identify claimants? thank youl

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