Any other breaks from self-employment MIF requirements, apart from illness?


Can anything be done to put the MIF requirements on hold, apart from the self-employed worker being off sick?

I have a client who lives with his wife and 5 kids, baby born 05/01/22. He is a self-employed Uber driver. His wife is quite poorly and recovering from illness after the birth, currently in bed most of the time. He anticipates she will get better slowly. He is doing the school run, food, childcare, etc. and while he has a claimant commitment to work and earn equivalent to the MIF of 35 x NMW, this is going to be really difficult for him at present.  He’s not been MIF’d yet but surely will in the coming months due to reduced ability to work. He is not in a start-up period. His claim to to UC was made after 1/8/21 so the suspension of the MIF does not apply to him.

The only thing I can think of is to apply for a DHP if his s/e earnings are below the MIF and his UC reduces. Anyone have any other ideas?

CPAG says –

If you disagree with a decision to apply a minimum income floor, you can ask for a revision and then appeal. You may be able to argue, for example, that your self-employment is no longer organised or regular and you no longer have an expectation of profit.

Anyone with experience of this?

It’s already super difficult for them – he has lived in the UK for years but all the family arrived in the UK in Sep from Afghanistan and were brought from there by the British army. They only get 2 child elements for the 5 children due to 2-child limit, and there’s issues with the child benefit, only 2 x CB in payment due to documentation issues with when the family arrived in the UK and the new child not registered yet. The family are on such a low income.

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