Another SDP question

I have a lady who is on ESA and PIP and was receiving the SDP through ESA.
She had a PIP review and is waiting for the results which, as you know can take up to 8 weeks.  Her SDP has been taken off her ESA.  Her daughter rang the inquiry line and they stated that it was because they were waiting for the result for PIP.  Is that right?! I’ve never heard of that before.  It seems unfair as she is still receiving her PIP while waiting for a review result so why should her SDP be taken away.  I’ve asked her daughter to ring again and clarify this because it doesn’t sound right or seem fair.  Does anyone know anything about this? 

Thank you in advance and apologies if I’m not able to be clearer, I have only briefly spoken to the client as she does not really understand any of it and am speaking to her daughter.

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