Another R2R query

Hoping to get a bit of clarity for this case.

Cl is single person, an EU national with pre settled status. They were furloughed in April 2020 and then laid off in June. They claimed NS JSA from June but that is about to run out.

In Oct 20 they became too ill to work and claimed UC. The claim was refused as they were found not to have R2R (Hab Res was accepted).

It would appear that R2R as a jobseeker does not apply as they had already used up the 91 days allowed under the UC rules before they claimed UC.

Would a change of circs ( that they are temporarily not well enough to work) have the effect of reinstating their R2R as a EU worker that has retained their worker status even if they were reasonably fit and well when they were laid off? They have been a jobseeker and getting NS JSA since June

Any observations gratefully received

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