21st century – Correspondence Manager’s response to MP on what our client has to do to fulfil the criteria for the Severe Disability premium

Copy and pasted extract from a letter our MP received as an attachment sent to our client.

‘ON the *th of ****** 2080, you told us that your estranged partner has made a claim to Universal Credit. Our benefit records have confirmed this including the carers element. This would also exclude Severe Disability Premium as Carers Allowance cannot be paid along with Severe Disability Premium.

In order for the Employment and Support Allowance team to review your entitlement to Severe Disability Premium again they would need further information. This should include:

– Information relating to the non-dependant leaving the family home around the date that Universal Credit was claimed by Mrs Wynford Eagle

– Sight of an amended tenancy agreement and proof of where Mrs Wynford Eagle was or is currently living.

The current information we are holding for you confirmed that there was no entitlement to the Severe Disability Premium element which is currently £66.95 per week’.

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