11 month delay in work capability assessment decision ,  Moving from LCW to LCWRA


Working from home whilst looking after a 1 year old and 4 year old please so bare with me!

Client contacts a couple of months back.  Been on UC since 2017 and giving fit notes.  Subject to full conditionality.  Established he only claimed UC as needed help with rent.  Had previously been on ESA and in WRAG group up to day of claiming UC. 

I query with UC why LCW element has not been paid from start of his UC claim. 

Last week it came to light that he actually had a medical assessment back in June 2019.  Off the back of this he has been placed in LCWRA group going forward.  They have issued LCW arrears back to start of UC claim.  So from 2017 up to the last assessment period in 2020. 

My view is that he has lost out being paid only LCW for the last 11 months and unfortunately all he can do is make a complaint?



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