Claiming PC when on SDA

I would appreciate some advice on PC entitlement please. My client has been told that she cannot claim PC as she is in receipt of SDA and must claim SP before claiming PC. Is this correct? Her SP is less than her SDA.


Hi If a MR is sent to the DWP by mistake, would they normally send it to HMCTS for an appeal? We filled in a PIP MR in August 2021, which shouldn’t have been an MR as the client had already done this. He received a letter stating that they had responded to the old … Read moreAppeal


This UT decision confirmed that there is a right of appeal in tax credits against a refusal to revise where the MR request was made out of time (but within 13 months). I have now received a response from HMRC to a late MR request which still contains the line that there is no right … Read moreCTC/886/2021

End of DLA no DWP notification – AA claim made 4-5 month later

I am still missing information about exact dates. I have had a first appointment (with no documents provided this afternoon 3rd of August 2022 about this!!) Claimant had a DLA award low rate of care – Claimant was born in 1947 – award indefinite. Claimant diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer in October 2017 and DS … Read moreEnd of DLA no DWP notification – AA claim made 4-5 month later