Ukranian nationals

Are we going to see a surge of newly arrived Ukranian nationals with very limited language skills needing UC50s completing? There aren’t many Ukranian interpreters available around here and i’m wondering whether anyone’s come up with any bright solutions that don’t cost money. I have reached out to our local Dnipro before hitting the board, … Read moreUkranian nationals

PIP – dyslexia out of scope for comms and concentration for reading?

I’m drafting an MR for a client who has PTSD, depression, other MH issues along with chronic pain, and dyslexia. The MR says: “dyslexia is out of scope for the communications task as is concentration for the reading task”. Is dyslexia as a matter of course out of scope for these things?! It’s not the … Read morePIP – dyslexia out of scope for comms and concentration for reading?

Managed migration, calculation of transitional amount

Does anyone know if the The Universal Credit (Managed Migration Pilot and Miscellaneous Amendments) Regulations 2019 have been enacted? I’m particularly interested in Reg 62 as this might allow the retrospective addition of a transitional amount for the SDP provided the claimant was already getting IR ESA and applied for PIPS before the terminal date … Read moreManaged migration, calculation of transitional amount

Linking rules

Can anyone clarify this, I’m working at home today and dont have access to Sweet and Maxwell. Cl is on CBESA in the Support group and has too much capital for UC or IRESA. I understand that this is legacy ESA, not new style. They are thinking of trying to go back to work and … Read moreLinking rules