New child DLA forms

I was wondering what peoples opinions are on the new child DLA forms. I completed one yesterday and there is hardly anywhere to write about each activity and how the child manages it or what help is needed. It is now all tick boxes and how many times a day and for how long (only on some questions!!). There is only one section to be able to write anymore information. What are people’s experiences on how DLA process these new applications?? Are they now writing to professionals and schools more to gather information as there is no space to put this on the form itself?? I am concerned that they will be gaining info from schools that as we all know may be seen as positive and refuse the claim. I just cant understand why they have taken away the explanation boxes. The one I have just filled in I sent in extra pages that went into details as to what helped they needed for each activity but worry that other parents who dont have any support will not provide a high level of detail.

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