poorly designed AA claim form

I have been meaning to post on here for a while about this and I don’t know if anyone else has already posted about it. 

I think the new AA claim form introduced from december 2021 is very poor.  Some of the boxes to enter text in relation to the various daily activites are the size of a postage stamp, whereas other boxes are randomly much bigger.  It is very poorly designed.  There is even a massive mistake that I cannot believe passed through the DWP’s quality checking procedures – the last sub-question at Question 35 asks if there is anthing else you want to say about taking medication or with medical treatment (repreating Question 34), when Question 35 is about help required with communicating with other people.  This has actually been corrected in the form attached to the gov.uk website, but the forms we have dealt with sent out by the helpline still have the mistake.

What do others think?

If DWP are reading this, what do you think and what is to be done about it?

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