property adjustment order

I know this is Friday evening, but,

property adjustment order

Client has joint tenancy with local council on 2 bed flat. They have 1 daughter.

He has left and is happily housed elsewhere.

They are in contact and on good terms. They were never married.

He is prepared to put in writing to the council that he is happily housed elsewhere.

This is where it starts to make no sense.

The council advise that to remove him from the joint tenancy for the council flat, they need to seek independent legal advice and go to court with a property adjustment order. Once this is done the council will take him off the tenancy.

Money aside (involving a private law firm),

Why would the council do this?

All the private law firms I speak to say this makes no sense because a property adjustment order is usually used when there is a disagreement over property.

But there is no disagreement here, he wants his name off the tenancy, she wants it just in her name, but the council continue to say –

Seek independent legal advice and get a property adjustment order

Can anyone shed some light on this?

For what it’s worth she’s on UC, with LCW, multiple health problems. But just wants the flat in just her name so she can explore council mutual exchange offers.

I was going round and round in circles today. Law firms saying this makes no sense. The council insisting on it.


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