Homeowner service charge waiting period when moving from IBJSA to UC with 2 weeks employment in between

I can understand from UC regulations that when a claimant was receiving income-based JSA immediately before claiming UC and was already receiving service charge support that there is no waiting period for help with housing costs for service charges in UC

My homeowner client owns his flat outright but was previously receiving housing costs for his service charges while claiming IB-JSA. He recently started a temporary job for two weeks, after which of course he could no longer go back to IB-JSA and claimed UC.

He, therefore, did not claim IB-JSA *immediately* before claiming UC but due to the short nature of the employment, he was claiming IB-JSA with housing costs during the month before he claimed UC.

Does the fact he was claiming IB-JSA with housing costs at some point during the month before he claimed UC mean that there is still no waiting period?  Or, because of the two weeks of employment, does that mean there was considered to be a clear break and that his waiting period starts again?

I’ve read the following but, while I can usually figure out legalese, this has me stumped: https://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukdsi/2013/9780111531938/schedule/5


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