Definition of “child” in UC for bedroom entitlement.

The wording for bedroom entitlement in Reg B13 HB Regs is similar to that in para 10 of Sch 4 UC Regs. And both allow a room for “two children of the same sex”. In HB a child is defined in Reg 2 as “a person under the age of 16”. I have been looking for a definition of child in the UC Regs and I can’t find one – Reg 2 goes from “carer element” to “child disability payment”, Reg 5 is very helpful if you want to know what a “qualifying young person” is, and the definitions in Para 2 of Sch 4 start with “exempt accommodation”.

It feels like this is a Friday afternoon problem – I must be missing something. Please can somebody point me in the right direction?

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