Refund of OP repayment deductions already taken before successful MR

Earlier this year, client reported to UC that her daughter would go abroad for 2 months.  UC made admin error and input client’s daughters DOB as date she left UK, big overpayment created and deductions started.  Client requested MR which was successful and UC accepted that there was no OP at all as client had reported absence in time. By that time, they had already taken 3 lots of £81 OP deductions. Client was told by UC that she needs to contact Debt Management to get a refund. She called Debt Management who said that they can only collect money but not make payments, and that they would need authorisation from UC to return the money. Client reported outcome of this call on her journal. They replied again that she needs to contact Debt Management.

Does anyone know what the proper procedure is?  Can DM issue repayment without further involvement from UC, or does UC have to initiate the process?

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