s/e business in the name of the appointee/carer/mother

Client is in receipt of CA with IS top up

Daughter gets enhanced rate for PIP (DL & Mob) and due to make a claim for UC (client will be appointee)


Daughter does not have the capacity to manage her own affairs

Daughter’s support network have proposed the idea of starting a s/e dog walking business, to give her purpose.

Daughter would need assistance from Mum and support network to provide these services and manage the business/finances.

Mum was thinking of setting up the business in her name, on her daughters behalf but wondered how it would impact their individual benefit claims.


My first thought is an LPA so the business can be set up in the daughters name

Would Mum’s benefits be unaffected as she’s not deriving profit/income from the business and any work done for the business is in support of her daughter as her appointee and/or LPA?

UC would work as normal? Likely to be found not GSE and be awarded LCW/RA at a later date, with Mum reporting income and expenses each month – would there be any impact if the business was set up in Mums name instead?

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