DWP decides not to run project to test digital mandatory reconsiderations process in PIP

The response to an FOI request published to whatdotheyknow.com yesterday provides details of proposals to run a ‘Modernisation of Disputes’ project last year focusing on PIP mandatory reconsideration.

A scoping document explains –

The Modernisation of Dissatisfaction supports the Departmental strategic objective of delivering excellent services for citizens and taxpayers by

– becoming more sustainable and resilient by increasing automation, intelligent use of data and joining up systems

– using customer insight to better tailor services, targeting our intervention where and when they can have most impact

The vision is to create a modern and transformed Dissatisfaction Service developed in line with customers’ needs, which builds and sustains trust through fair and consistent treatment across all products and services and all customers, partners and the taxpayer.

However, in a DWP digital blog about the project, the Department concludes that digitalising the mandatory reconsiderations service in PIP could be more of a hindrance than a help at the moment. However, they add that –

Our alpha work highlighted that our agents are using systems that aren’t fit for purpose when dealing with mandatory reconsiderations and appeals. For appeals especially, we saw some key areas where we can improve the user experience for our agents.

We have already started to look at this and identify where we can add value. We know that anything we can do to improve processes for agents will ultimately help citizens too.


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