UC claim and temporary absence abroad during first assessment period

Hi all,

I understand there is provision for temporary absences abroad but my reading of reg 11 is that this wouldn’t apply where a new claim is made and the absence abroad is within the first AP.

In the case I’m looking at, claimant claimed while in GB but is going to be absent for a couple of weeks; a week either side of the final day of the first AP. I’m expecting UC to decide that claimant is not eligible for UC as they do not meet the basic condition of being in GB. Am I understanding this correctly?

In the event that the absence abroad fell solely within the initial AP and they were back before the end of it, would reg 32 (C&P Regs) allow UC to treat this as an advance claim from a later date once they were back? Obviously it’s not ‘within a class for which SoS accepts advance claims’ but assuming the SoS was willing to do so, is there anything else blocking this?

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