UC Housing Costs for re-called Prisoner

Hello – I have a tenant who was sentenced to a 20 month custodial sentence from 16.07.2020. He came out on license on 30.04.21 but was recalled and incarcerated from 04.10.21 -11.03.22. UC are saying that Housing costs paid from 04.10.21 – 03.02.22 are now seen as an overpayment. Did he have entitlement to 6 months Housing Costs under UC at the commencement of his sentence as it was for over 6 months? Very confused as UC seemed to have paid 3 months UC at commencement of his sentence in July 2020 but seeing the payments in October 2021 -03.02.22 as an overpayment.

Any advice would be welcome!

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