Information; we want Information!

I have another reverification case, and DWP’s handling of it reminds me to raise yet again a continuing problem with UC:

UC ‘writes’ to the claimant, stating a decision.

Few or no details are given on the notification, but of course you can ask for more information.

Good luck with that.  You ask. Nothing is forthcoming.

With the reverification problem, we have asked for copies of the decision to close the claim, the decision that an overpayment has arisen, a schedule of overpayment, the facts and law used.


It’s the same for every overpayment case. No details, just a brusque demand for money.

And for WCA decisions – they send swathes of generalised information about the WCA process, but when asked for the details pertaining to the actual claimant – nothing.

A colleague has just dealt with a sanction case where the ‘decision’ was given by phone, DWP have realised they have made a mistake but are insisting on going through the MR process – not a decision in sight. Claimant is still sanctioned though.

My concern is that intentionally or otherwise, UC is handing down decisions by diktat and discouraging challenges by not supplying proper information.

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