PIP – preparing food and epilepsy

My client has epilepsy with infrequent but severe and unpredictable seizures. She was awarded PIP mobility on 24/03/2021 (with a review in 10 years) for satisfying descriptor 1f, presumably because the decision maker believed there is an unacceptable risk of harm if she was to attempt any journey without another person. She only scored 6 points for daily living, 2 of which were for needing supervision for washing and bathing which is what I would expect given the risk of harm from a seizure. She was also awarded 2 points because she cannot cook a simple meal using a cooker but is able to do so using a microwave. I wondered if she should also have satisfied the 4 point descriptor 1e for needing supervision to prepare or cook a simple meal and note that reg 7 says the highest scoring descriptor should be awarded when two or more descriptors are satisfied? This would have then given her the 8 points needed for standard daily living. I would have thought there would be a significant risk of harm if someone was to have a seizure when using sharp knives to prepare food for example, or even to take out hot food from a microwave and get it ready to eat? If the argument that descriptor 1e should have been awarded is strong, what can I do, given that the time limit for a reconsideration has passed? Could I argue for an any-time revision by arguing DWP got the law wrong in failing to apply reg 7 correctly, or is the only realistic option to ask for a review due to worsening condition (but risk an even worse decision, bearing in mind she has an award of high rate mobility for ten years?).

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