All reasonable action?

Claimant is the main carer for two children under age ten, is a full-time student doing a legal degree and is undertaking voluntary work directly relevant to building up legal experience. Partner is also in work.

Claimant returns to ft study in September.

UC want claimant to accept a Claimant Commitment for 16 hours a week work search, immediate availability for interview and to start work.

I would have thought that asking this person to seek other work is not at all practical – what employer will want someone who is going back to full time studies in just a few weeks?

I wonder why UC insist on putting this in? Is this just box-ticking?

I would have thought that a pragmatic application of Reg 95 to accept ‘all reasonable action’ is being taken would have been the best idea for such a short period of time.

I would also have thought that DWP stepping aside and allowing this person to study and gain relevant experience is the key to them gaining sustainable full-time employment.

Who gains from imposing conditionality on someone in this situation?

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