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Current UC rates:

Standard allowances Monthly ’19/’20Monthly ’20/’21
SingleUnder 25251.77342.72
 25 or over317.82409.89
CoupleBoth under 25395.20488.59
 One or both 25 or over498.89594.04
Only / eldest childborn before 6 April 2017277.08281.25
Other children 231.67235.83
Disabled childLower rate126.11128.25
 Higher rate392.08400.29
Limited capability for work 126.11128.25
Limited capability for work and work-related activity 336.20341.92
Carer 160.20162.92
Childcare costs Up to 85 per cent of costs with an upper limit per month for one child of646.35646.35
 and an upper limit per month for two or more children of1,108.041,108.04
Work allowances   
Higher work allowance 503.00512.00
Lower work allowance 287.00292.00

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